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When it comes to assigning a program to a youth athlete the MOST important aspect is determining the developmental growth cycle.  Performance One youth training is NOT specific to age, gender, or sport. The protocol for youth athletes in movement training, plyometrics, and weight room loading must match the stage of growth.

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Austin collie

When I'm in Utah, I make sure to get my training in with Jordan at P1. His programs and coaching style are as good as any I've experienced during my NFL Career.

mitch mathews

What Jordan has done for me allowed me to get back in the NFL. Within 3 weeks of training with Jordan, I was able to run my best 40 yd dash time at 4.47 laser time, best vertical jump and best shuttle time.

tejan koroma

I am very Grateful for P1! I owe a lot of my accomplishments to them.

Victor so'oto

Jordan's workouts are specifically tailored to what I need. Every athlete is different andhe gives professional attention to strengthen you weaknesses. As a pro, I need pro workouts. That is why I train with Jordan.